Voz Emitiendo

Monica Nepote (Guadalajara)

Voz Emitiendo

Telegram channel

Open from December 07, 2020 to March 07, 2021

To participate write to programming@paosgdl.org

The voice is vibration, the voice is the body. The voice has healing powers. The voice resonates all of our human materiality, in the holobiont that we are.


This project is developed in confidence around the voice and the act of listening.


The interest in what Mónica Nepote calls voice writing has taken various forms in spaces that range from the everyday and the personal (audio letters with her loved ones) to the recording of walks as an intention of performative recording. On other occasions, it arises as notation, exploration of vocal capacity, the physical relationships of the voice in space, the disarticulation of the signifier, or the joining of the words of others, giving rise to a compendium of sound files that sometimes generate landscapes and sound-visual and / or performance hybridizations. A diary that is a file that is a dormant seed that can mycorrhize.  


Voz emitiendo is a shared channel that Mónica Nepote proposes as part of this practice, a space for accompaniment, and breathing, listening and meeting.  


It is an invitation to read audios with / from your body, your ear, your being.

It is an invitation to join in a listening exercises that seeks, from a shared intimate register, to feel the writing of the voice, collectivize it

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