Kiyo Gutiérrez (Guadalajara)


Tierra Mojada is a meditative ritual experience that invites us to reconnect and re-think our relationship with the body, cycles, water and planet Earth. A space to explore and awaken our ethical, aesthetic, bodily and psychic sensitivity towards and with the elements and creatures that co-inhabit the Earth.

Conceived in times of pandemic and radical ecological changes, Tierra Mojada invites us to let our senses of possibility and creative depth flow and re-position ourselves as part of nature through deep listening and liquid imagination.


Suggestive practices that cultivate contact and the healing of the complex emotions that overwhelm us, and that encourage us to feel, reflect, speak and act on the challenges that the present planetary crisis imposes on us.


It is recommended to activate the piece from the privacy of the home, with headphones and a cell phone to be able to move around.


At the end, if the participants so wish, they can share with the artist the reflections, sensations and / or thoughts that the experience aroused in them, through a drawing, text and / or photograph, which will be reciprocated.