Isa Rodríguez (Guadalajara)

November 12 to December 03

Limited availability



A house is a construction destined to be inhabited.

In a process of building (us) every day, the objects that our home contains are displaced, grouped or dispersed to manifest as extensions of our step. If we are the displacement of our objects: our clothes, our books, our plants, the furniture, the bed, what do those little movements say about us?


For a long time I believed that order was an infallible indicator of well-being and I remained alarmist with disorder, as if (dis) order will reveal that something was wrong within me.


Something alive manifests itself in space, passes through it, makes it sprout, we move gently in space, we are the nascent leaves of our plants but we are also the coffee powder in the kitchen, our body expands, we are the joy of sweat on the sheets but also the fresh smell of fabric softener, we are the footprints of shoes on the floor and also the passage of the mop erasing them, we are the fresh fruit and the one that is maturing in the refrigerator.


This instructional is a dance to activate (dis) order from pleasure and to embrace the corners of our homes.


This is a ritual of reconciliation with (dis) order, a pause to observe the manifestations of change in our homes, based on a choreography with our objects.

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