Colección Publica de anticuerpos 

Fernanda Paixão (Brazil)  

Public Collection of IG Antibodies @coleccion_anticorpos 

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“I had access to this sacred bath in the pandemic, it was a spiritual and ancestral antidote. I am white,  Brasilira, my maternal origins are from Portugal and my paternal origins from Africa AND Portugal, from a  the least benefited social class in Brazil. My paternal grandmother had a connection to religion  Afro-Brazilian, but could not develop in this spirituality because of the damage. My two come to life  parties: paternal and maternal together, the non-dominant currents and the threatened lives that  they are within us. "  

Fernanda Paixão  

Public Collection of Antibodies is a proposal for the construction of a public profile in the social network Instagram to collectively reflect on the notion of antibody, such as the symbolism of the substance that our body produces to destroy any organism strange that it is installed in us and harms our health, perhaps a virus, the state, an oppressive system.  

The artist invites the general public to think about their own idea of an antibody and its way of fight what tries to hurt you, later, share this reflection in the  Instagram account posting an image accompanied by a small text about your antibody, which can be an object, an action, a photograph, a drawing, a few words.  Each image must be accompanied by a specific legend, in the same way as the artist has shared his own antibody, DESPACHO, which is a sacred practice of the  Candomblé religion. 

Interested persons can register by email and will receive instructions and the password to post on Instagram.  

In Public Collection of Antibodies, Fernanda Paixao tries to share some reflections about the condition of the vulnerability of our bodies, and about the moment that we go through globally, but also build a page of various joys and forces shared, for everyone.