Practices and reflections to heal with water

Limited space: Pacific printed, 35 copies.

Digital Pacific for people outside of Guadalajara, up to 25 documents.


Write us by message to instagram or send an email to

From March 2 to April 2, 2021, or while supplies last.  

Approximately 80% of our body is water, we are water and we are all the same water.


With the desire to generate a more intimate and fluid relationship with other bodies of water, human and non-human, with which we are inevitably connected, Anabella has created Pacífico, a tool to heal and think about our inner sea. This is an invitation to move our bodies and cultivate other ways of being / feeling in relation to the world. Pacífico is a fanzine that arises as a guide from Water my dances, water my thinking, an investigation in which Anabella has immersed herself in the constant practice of  think from the water, and as an alternative to the dominant imaginary of the Anthropocene.


If you want to participate in the realization of this project through thought, the movement of reading and writing, you are welcome. We just need you to have the Pacific in your hands.

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